The political persecution against second President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan is becoming even more noticeable during the election campaign. This is what the ex-president’s attorney Aram Vardevanyan told reporters today.

As reported earlier, today’s court hearing was adjourned since former Deputy Prime Minister Armen Gevorgyan’s attorney Erik Aleksanyan is on leave and will return on June 9. As in the previous court hearing, Judge Anna Danibekyan overlooked Vardevanyan’s request to adjourn the court hearings until the elections since the two persons who are under the case and Vardevanyan are running in the elections, and the date of the court hearing was set for June 15.

“Judge Danibekyan doesn’t want to adjourn any court hearing. I asked to set the next date for at least June 19, a day before the elections. This whole case is political. The authorities are currently attempting to disturb Kocharyan and not let him carry out his election campaign. There is also pressure on the court. Overall, the political persecution is becoming even more noticeable in this period. It’s so primitive,” Vardevanyan stated.