Writer, publicist, public figure and doctor Toros Toranian has died at the age of 93. This is what President of the Union of Writers of Armenia Eduard Militonyan told Armenpress, recalling that Toranian was a member of the Union and was living in Armenia during the past few years.

Toros Toranian was born in 1928 in Aleppo. His parents, Khacher and Varduhi, were born in the Jipin village of the city of Aintab (Cilician Armenia).

Toranian’s father studied for six years at the Cilician school in his hometown and had command of the Armenian language, while the mother grew up in a Kurdish family and didn’t know Armenian.

His father died when Toranian was two years old, and this is why the family’s household language was Turkish.

Toranian spoke in Turkish until the age of five, and he learned Armenian in kindergarten.

Toranian went on to attend the Gulbenkian Armenian School in Aleppo and received a medical education. He wrote in many genres and is known for his works “The Road to the Stars”, “Green Letters”, etc.