A little while ago, Director of Izmirlian Medical Center, doctor-traumatologist, Professor Armen Charchyan was transferred to a hospital with cardiac distress, Charchyan’s attorney Erik Aleksanyan told Armenian News-NEWS.am.

A little while ago, Judge Armine Meliksetyan ruled to hold Charchyan in custody for a month.

Charchyan is charged with giving a bribe to voters, receiving a bribe, violating the ban on charity during elections or obstructing implementation of the free will of a voter.

Charchyan doesn’t accept the charge brought against him.

According to the investigator of the Special Investigation Service, if Charchyan stays in liberty, he will hide from the body implementing proceedings and will obstruct investigation of the case.

The court had declared Charchyan’s detention unlawful. After his release, he gave a press conference during which he touched upon the launched criminal case and insisted that it is ‘a phony case’.