Vahe Ghalumyan, brother of Governor of Tavush Province of Armenia Hayk Ghalumyan (best man of acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan) and an MP elected based on the list of Civil Contract Party, is in the center of a scandal once again.

A few days ago, the regional governor’s brother made another statement on the borderline villages of Tavush Province that sparked the discontent of the residents of the province. In an interview with a media outlet, the former deputy of the My Step bloc touched upon the alleged territories of the Tavush Province to be ceded to Azerbaijan and stated that those villages aren’t populated. “There is nobody at all. Those villages are villages that remind one of ruins and deserted territories,” he stated. Frustrated with this statement, the residents of Tavush Province slammed him on Facebook, and the future deputy of the My Step bloc noticed the comments on Facebook.

Vahe Ghalumyan used swear words in his personal messages addressed to Facebook users who had criticized him in the comments sections of media outlets. One of the residents of a borderline village of Tavush Province sent the message that Ghalumyan had addressed to him and added that Ghalumyan has sent similar messages to others as well.

The future Member of Parliament probably doesn’t know that an official has to be tolerant towards critics, or he has decided to ‘get back’ at his fellow residents of Tavush Province who are against the exchange of villages of Tavush Province under the principle of “enclave for enclave”, and he is doing this before taking the mandate from the Central Electoral Commission.