YEREVAN. – Past daily of Armenia writes: As it is known, [acting PM] Nikol Pashinyan had stated that a format is being considered in order to collaborate with the extra-parliamentary forces and make their voice heard by the public.

(…) it is a political council that was to have an advisory function.

However, according to the reliable information of Past newspaper, this idea of Nikol Pashinyan is also close to failure. The formation of the "political council" does not seem to succeed in any way.

The thing is that the political forces that are not inclined to work with these authorities in any way, naturally, have absolutely no desire to be discredited, to tarnish their name by getting involved, even in an advisory body which is connected with Nikol Pashinyan's name.

As for Nikol Pashinyan's several satellite political forces (…), they do not want to work "for free" for Pashinyan, considering that they have already done a lot for him. The representatives of these forces have conveyed to Pashinyan that it is better that he give them specific positions so that they can work "hard." Otherwise, such an advisory body on a voluntary basis is not suitable.