The Constitutional Court of Armenia has established the procedure for considering the claims of political parties against the decision of the Central Electoral Commission regarding the results of the elections. This is what President of the Constitutional Court Arman Dilanyan announced after the judges returned from the consultation room.

Examining the stances of the parties and the motion of a representative of the ‘I Have Honor’ bloc, the Constitutional Court decided that the plaintiffs will speak through the procedure for registration in the Constitutional Court, after which the defendant, respondents and the third party will speak. The questions will be submitted according to the procedure for speeches. Today the Central Electoral Commission will work until 6pm, but the Constitutional Court might work on the weekend and after 6pm.

‘Armenia’ and ‘I Have Honor’ blocs, as well as Awakening and Homeland of Armenians Parties had applied to the Constitutional Court. The applications are similar and different. Overall, the political parties are challenging the final decision of the Central Electoral Commission on the snap parliamentary elections. The speaker is Judge Shatiryan of the Constitutional Court, and the defendant is the Central Electoral Commission. The respondents are the prosecutors, the police and the National Commission on Television and Radio. The third party is Civil Contract Party.