The arguments underlying our petition remain relevant to us. Ara Zohrabyan, the representative of the opposition Zartonk (Awakening) party at the Constitutional Court and Chairman of the Chamber of Advocates of Armenia, stated this to Armenian, and regarding the results of the snap parliamentary elections on June 20.

"That is, we have not received answers that would give us a different point of view. On the contrary, we are becoming increasingly convinced that the results of these elections must be declared invalid. But whether or not the Constitutional Court will make such a decision will be seen after the end.

We have focused mainly on violations of free and equal suffrage. In our opinion, they have had a great impact. (…). The CEC [(Central Electoral Commission)], with the same composition in 2018, for example, again summed up the election results and made a decision. After the velvet revolution of 2018, in fact, the same CEC staff continues to hold its positions.

In 2018, the new government stated in its program that there had been electoral fraud in the past and the people's free suffrage had not been exercised. In these conditions, it is at least strange for us that the same CEC organizes the 2021 elections; that is, either there has been no [election] rigging, fraud before, or there has been in the past and it is still going on,” added Zohrabyan.

According to him, with such calls for violence, acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan could definitely have influenced the target individuals of the first round: the public servants, whose number is not small. "That is, one can think that if Nikol Pashinyan speaks with such aggressive rhetoric, then he may have problems if he does not elect that political force. We see today that these promises continue to be fulfilled. We see political persecution, arrests, criminal cases against some community leaders. Isn't it clear that a public servant would clearly worry? In our opinion, it has affected the election results,” Ara Zohrabyan concluded.

The opposition "Armenia" and "I Have Honor" blocs, as well as the opposition Zartonk (Awakening) and Hayots Hayrenik (Armenian Homeland) parties have petitioned to the Constitutional Court in order to dispute the aforesaid election results.