Karen Bisharyan, a representative of the prosecutor's office of Armenia, stated during Monday’s session of the Constitutional Court that during the campaign period for the snap parliamentary elections on June 20, the prosecutor's office was guided by the context and content of what was said, and its degree of danger to the society.

According to him, four messages were considered, on the basis of which no criminal cases were initiated.

During the investigation of the reports related to the statements of the politicians, the prosecutor's office did not find any case of threats against the opponents.

"The petitioners used the term 'calls for violence.' But it must be understood that any coercion is violence. If we are talking about legal coercion, then there can be no question of violence," said a representative of the prosecutor's office.

According to him, the context must be taken into account. "The prosecutor's office does not take the hammer shown [during the election campaign] by [acting PM Nikol] Pashinyan literally," Bisharyan said.