Pashinyan’s remarks about the “blue hammer” should be perceived as care for electoral right, and the Prosecutor General’s Office doesn’t see any aggression or violation. This is what Bisharyan and Hovhannisyan, representatives of the Prosecutor General’s Office, said during today’s session of the Constitutional Court.

Representative of ‘Armenia’ bloc Aram Vardevanyan asked if Pashinyan’s persona had been explored. “There was no need for that,” Hovhannisyan said, adding that the second and third presidents of the country also made similar statements and that this concerns the status that Pashinyan had during his speech, not his persona. “In both cases, it’s an interesting situation. If we’re talking about status, he is an official,” Vardevanyan said, surprised, and went on to remind about the ‘blue hammer’ with which Pashinyan promised to ‘break heads’.

Getting back to the study of the persona, Vardevanyan recalled that Pashinyan is a person who has been sentenced for violence. Talking about the “blue hammer” and the promise to “break heads”, Vardevanyan recalled that the subtext that the prosecutor was talking about implies refutation by the administration of Zangezur Copper-Molybdenum Combine.