Nikol Pashinyan’s statements are out of context. This is what Grigoryan, representative of Civil Contract Party, said during the session of the Constitutional Court of Armenia.

The opposition "Armenia" and "I Have Honor" blocs, as well as the opposition Zartonk (Awakening) and Hayots Hayrenik (Armenian Homeland) parties have petitioned to the Constitutional Court in order to dispute the election results.

The representative assured that the statements presented as evidence of Pashinyan’s aggressive rhetoric are out of context and are presented partially, adding that, in the whole version, the cited words about dictatorship are about dictatorship of law, not violence.

Touching upon the infamous hammer, once again, the representative cited the remarks that confirm that Pashinyan’s remarks are about using the tool for the purpose of construction. “Yes, Pashinyan talked about vendettas and crackdown of personnel, but he talked about it metaphorically and in light of construction,” the representative said.