The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Armenia (RA) has decided to uphold the decision of the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) on the snap National Assembly elections, stated president Arman Dilanyan of the Constitutional Court.

"According to Section 170 of the RA Constitution, this decision is final and enters into force from the moment of its publication," he added.

Dilanyan informed that the full text of this Constitutional Court decision will be posted on the website of the Constitutional Court within three days and will be delivered to the parties.

The opposition "Armenia" and "I Have Honor" blocs, as well as of the opposition Zartonk (Awakening) and Hayots Hayrenik (Armenian Homeland) parties had petitioned to the Constitutional Court to challenge the final results—publicized by the CEC—of the snap parliamentary elections on June 20.

The respective Constitutional Court hearing had started on July 9.