Head of Karahunj village Lusine Avetyan, who is accused under the case of electoral fraud and is in custody, has been released. The Public Relations Department of the Prosecutor General’s Office confirmed the news during a conversation with Armenian News-NEWS.am.

“After considering the defense’s motion, the prosecutor changed the pre-trial measure with release on bail (the document on real estate attached to the motion was used as an object for bail). The fact that Lusine Avetyan gave a confessional testimony and assisted in the investigation and revelation of the crime, as well as the fact that there was less risk of obstruction of investigation through the use of illegal influence, were taken into consideration. The release on bail is sufficient to guarantee the proper conduct of the accused while in liberty,” the Prosecutor General’s Office reported.

Avetyan is charged with obstructing exercise of electoral right, the activities of electoral commissions or exercise of the powers of persons participating in the elections and violating the confidentiality of vote.

According to the attorney of Mayor of Goris Arush Arushanyan, Avetyan testified against the mayor of Goris, and Arushanyan was arrested on the basis of that testimony.