We shall go to the parliament and continue our struggle, represent the interests of our people, and use that platform. Artur Vanetsyan, the leader of the opposition "I Have Honor" bloc and the chairman of the opposition Homeland Party, said this in an interview on Public TV.

Asked whether they were going to the parliament, Vanetsyan gave a positive answer. "Yes, I will go to parliament."

To the remark that the spokesperson of the "I Have Honor" bloc stated that the bloc will be a radical opposition in the National Assembly, and what radicalism is, Vanetsyan stated that it is better not to call it radicalism. "Yes, we will be a tough opposition, we will criticize the authorities, we will continue our struggle; that is, to remove these authorities. But if one day the authorities bring a good bill that will protect the interests of Armenia, the national and state interests will be promoted, of course we will vote for [it.]"

To the remark, “Calling a spade a spade?” Vanetsyan answered, “Unequivocally.”

To the question whether they are ready to cooperate with the authorities in the National Assembly, Vanetsyan stated: "We are not ready to cooperate with the authorities; we will be an opposition force."

To the remark that the Armenian opposition and the authorities need to cooperate and work with each other at the PACE, the Council of Europe, Vanetsyan said. "I have already mentioned: what will be related to the promotion of the state interest or the national interest of the Republic of Armenia: yes, we are ready to cooperate with everyone; not only with the authorities, but with all political forces in general."