Azerbaijan has been prohibiting Armenian clergymen from entering Dadivank Monastery for the past three months already. The Azerbaijanis aren’t even letting them enter the premises of the monastic complex.

During a conversation with Armenian,  Father Nerses Harutyunyan of Dadivank Monastery said Azerbaijan’s reasons aren’t substantiated.

Dadivank Monastery is the designated place for permanent service for six Armenian clergymen. Despite the problems with living conditions at the monastery, Armenian clergymen have continued their service, but they haven’t been able to enter or exit the monastery since May.

“Dadivank Monastery is in conditions that aren’t like the conditions of any other monastery of the Armenian Holy Apostolic Church. There is a ban on entrance or exit. The Azerbaijanis are deliberately creating a situation to not allow Armenian clergymen enter,” Father Nerses said.

Azerbaijan has also prohibited the entry of pilgrims as well, and again, without any justification. Now the clergymen of Dadivank Monastery are at Gandzasar Monastery. The Russian side is negotiating with the Azerbaijanis to let the clergymen enter Dadivank Monastery.

Located in the Karvachar region that has been under Azerbaijan’s control since the signing of the statement of November 9, 2020, Dadivank Monastery is one of the oldest Christian monasteries of the Armenian Holy Apostolic Church, and one of the observation posts of the Russian peacekeeping contingent is located next to the monastery to ensure security.