The funeral of assassinated President of Haiti Jovenel Moïse was held on Friday. The funeral was broadcast on state television and attended by the Haitian president’s widow Martin Moïse and the republic’s leadership, TASS reported.

“Jovenel, you were betrayed and barbarically murdered, but your biggest sin was our love for the country, your aspiration to protect the weak and most vulnerable and your aspiration to liberate the country from corrupt oligarchs. We don’t want violence or revenge, but we will never surrender to fear. We need to look at it in the eyes and say everything is in the past. We lost the battle, but we didn’t lose the war,” Martin Moïse said in her farewell speech.

Earlier, disturbances took place near the venue of the ceremony, after which police used tear gas, and gunshots were heard. The participants of the protest often interrupted those who were giving farewell speeches. The priest performing the ceremony had to scream from time to time. According to Reuters, the official US and UN delegations left earlier than scheduled for security considerations.