The session of the newly elected National Assembly of Armenia will be convened on August 2 at 10am. As reported the National Assembly of Armenia, the agenda of the first session has been announced, and there are seven items, including the following:

1. Creating of a Counting Committee

2. Election of Speaker of the National Assembly

3. Elections of three Deputy Speakers of the National Assembly

4. Creation of Standing Committees

5. Election of Chairpersons of Standing Committees

6. Discussion on the bill on making an amendment to the Law on Structure of Government, upon the recommendation of the Government

7. Giving consent to the Action Plan of the Government

The new parliament will have 107 deputies (the previous parliament had 132 deputies). Out of the 107 MPs, the Civil Contract Party’s faction will have 71 deputies, while the opposition ‘Armenia’ bloc and the opposition ‘I Have Honor” blocs will have 29 deputies and 7 deputies, respectively.