Today representatives of the opposition ‘Armenia’ and ‘I Have Honor’ blocs of the National Assembly had a meeting and discussed the attack on Armenian military posts by Azerbaijani troops which have infiltrated into the sovereign territory of Armenia, as well as the casualties suffered by the Armed Forces of Armenia and the escalation of the situation along the entire length of the border. This is stated in the statement issued by the opposition ‘I Have Honor’ bloc. The statement also reads as follows:

“The ‘Armenia’ and ‘I Have Honor’ blocs express deep concern about the created situation and deem it necessary to declare the following:

1. The ongoing provocations and reckless behavior of the enemy on the borders of Armenia and, in this context, the inaction and impotence of the authorities of Armenia prove once again that, unfortunately, the recent elections failed to solve the primary security issues and challenges facing Armenia.

2. The Armenian society needs to be officially informed about the content and course of the possible Armenian-Azerbaijani negotiations stated in the press release that the Ministry of Defense of Armenia issued today.

3. The dictator of Baku needs to clearly understand that a new situation has been created in Armenia as a result of the recent parliamentary elections, according to which a national and healthy opposition has been formed in parliament which will use all of its resources and leverages to suppress the enemy in the international arena and serve the national and state interests of Armenia.

4. We express our full support to the Armed Forces of Armenia and assure that we will support our soldiers and officers by all means in order to give a worthy counterattack to the enemy.

5. We express deep condolences to the families of the deceased soldiers of the Armed Forces of Armenia and wish the injured soldiers a speedy recovery.”