Today President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev makes a statement on the Zangezur corridor, but if tomorrow he makes a statement on a road passing through Zangezur, this shouldn’t serve as an occasion for Armenia to be at ease and be content with the fact that Baku has stopped talking about ensuring a corridor for Azerbaijan. This is what Head of the Center for Political and Economic Strategic Studies NGO Benjamin Poghosyan said during today’s online discussion.

According to him, Azerbaijan wants to ensure its link to Nakhchivan and Turkey through the sovereign territory of Armenia, that is, Syunik Province. “It seems that Azerbaijan is talking about two roads, including a railway through Araks Valley and a motor road. However, it’s clear that those roads will pass through Syunik Province, regardless of what they will be referred to as, and consequently, they will pose a serious threat to Armenia, regardless of who will control the roads,” Poghosyan said, adding that the provision of the corridor will seriously increase the presence of Turkey and Azerbaijan in Armenia’s Syunik Province.

According to the analyst, in the long run, Baku and Ankara are planning to launch a process to spread panic among the Armenian population of Syunik Province. In particular, they will make it clear to the Armenians of Syunik Province that nobody can guarantee their fundamental rights, including the security of the Armenians. According to Poghosyan, in the next 10-15 years, Turkey and Azerbaijan will work on increasing migration of the Armenian population from the southernmost region of Armenia.