France urged Tunisia on Wednesday to name a new prime minister and cabinet to replace the government removed by President Kais Saied when he froze parliament and assumed governing authority in a move decried as a coup by his opponents, Reuters reports.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told his Tunisian counterpart Othman Jerandi that it was paramount that Tunisia quickly names a new prime minister and a cabinet, the French Foreign Ministry said.

Backed by the army, Saied's actions included suspending parliament for 30 days. Opponents including the Islamist Ennahda party, parliament's biggest, have accused him of a power grab.

Saied's moves followed protests by Tunisians who are fed up with years of economic malaise and political paralysis since the 2011 uprising that ignited the Arab Spring.

Saied, an independent elected in 2019, has said he acted to save the country from corruption and plots to sow civil strife.