While returning to Yerevan after visiting her son’s tombstone today, Mrs. Lali, mother of Davit Aydoyev who was heroically martyred in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), got into a car accident in the city of Aparan and was transferred to Erebuni Medical Center in critical condition, with several cuts in her spinal cord, as reported President of the “For the Welfare of People” humanitarian and economic development NGO, leader of the “Home of Yazidis” initiative Ayser Isayan.

Born on August 10, 2000 in the city of Spitak, Davit Aydoyev was of Yazidi descent, but spent his childhood in Yerevan where he studied at the Armenian-American Medical College. He was involved in light athletics and had initially gone to serve in the army in Jabrayil.

During service, he served with honor. They say that after his commander was injured during the war, Davit commanded the soldiers, managed to organize literate actions thanks to his ability to make the right decisions and seized two military posts of the adversary [Azerbaijan]. One of the military posts was named Aydoyev’s Hill in his honor. Unfortunately, Davit died heroically on October 5, 2020.