The government's deputy Hakob Aslanyan said yesterday that Russia and Turkey were interested in tensions on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border in the Gegharkunik region, Hraparak daily reported, developing the topic.

“The MP noted that Russia is trying in every possible way to put pressure on Armenia, because the Syunik corridor is beneficial to it. She wants to cut off Armenia from Europe because Russia and Turkey oppose Armenia becoming an international transit route through Iran, India and China.

Then, with a historical perspective, he tried to prove that this imperial state had never been a friend of Armenia. It should be noted that the news spread around noon yesterday that Azerbaijan agreed with the ceasefire conditions proposed by Russia, and the Armenian side stubbornly did not declassify these conditions.

Judging by the statement of the deputy, most likely, we are talking about a corridor through the Syunik province or, as they like to say in the Government, about a road,” the newspaper said.