The Armenian army has recorded the deaths of at least 66 servicemen/volunteer soldiers/reserve officers since the entry into force of the trilateral ceasefire statement signed by the leaders of Armenia, the Russian Federation and Azerbaijan on November 11, 2020.

Out of the 66 deaths, 24 were deaths that occurred during incidents such as the Azerbaijanis’ attack on Khtsaberd-Hin Tagher, the murders of Armenia servicemen encircled in the occupied territories of Artsakh, the border clashes in May-July 2021 and mine explosions.

The army has also recorded 42 non-combat casualties, including suicides, deaths from diseases, car accidents, murders and violations of rules for using weapons.

Since November 10, Azerbaijan, breaching the commitments assumed under the trilateral statement, has not only failed to return all the captured Armenian servicemen and civilians, but has also continued to seize new captives, who are up to 85 in number. Based on the Armenian army’s observations, currently, at least 30 captives have been returned to Armenia since November 10, and out of those 30, 15 have been returned in exchange of mine maps.

Since November 10, 3 Armenian servicemen are missing in action. One of them is fixed-term serviceman Norik Mkrtchyan, who voluntarily left the military unit in Vardenis on May 18. There is still no information about his whereabouts. On July 14, connection was lost with A. Nalbandyan and A. Torozyan in the Sev Lake sector of Syunik Province. To date, they have not been found, and the Ministry of Defense hasn’t ruled out their capture by Azerbaijanis. The servicemen weren’t bearing weapons.