Lies, selfishness, arrogance and self-deception: American experts have named the reasons for the failure of the United States in the war in Afghanistan, which lasted two decades, AFP reported.

The US official oversight body for operations in Afghanistan said it was too early to call the war a complete failure because the government had little chance of defeating the Taliban.

According to him, the US forces will leave behind a corrupt and unmotivated Afghan security forces and a government that could easily yield to the Taliban.

The "big question," said John Sopko, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, is "after all the money, $86 billion, and 20 years, why did we see such poor results?"

"One is hubris, that we can somehow take the country that was desolate in 2001, and turn it into a little Norway."

"And the other thing is mendacity. We exaggerated, over exaggerated, our generals did, our ambassadors did, all of our officials did, to Congress and the American people, about 'we're just turning the corner, we're about ready to turn the corner.'"

He said that the US military was fixated on short-term gains and constantly changed its goals to look better.