Hackers carried out a cyberattack against the computer networks of a COVID-19 vaccination enrollment company in the Italian metropolitan area of ​​Lazio, as a result of which the recording system went out of order, Interfax reports.

Italian police and the Rome prosecutor's office are investigating the incident to determine who is behind this cyberattack.

In July, the Italian government agreed to change how the so-called green pass works, which states whether a person has been vaccinated, tested negative for coronavirus, or recovered from a disease.

From August 6, only residents of Italy who have completed the vaccination process will have access to mass events, stadiums, museums, theaters, cinemas, swimming pools, gyms, as well as bars and restaurants. No green pass is required on the open terraces of bars and restaurants.

The measure was taken to increase the rate of vaccination. Earlier, the green pass, used in Italy since June, was only required for traveling abroad, as well as attending major events such as concerts, football matches or weddings.

The new step by the authorities sparked protests in different parts of Italy.