The Civil Contract Party’s detachment didn’t take part in the military operations during the war that took place in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) in April 2016, but what’s important is the message that the political party conveyed. This is what deputy of the Civil Contract faction of the National Assembly of Armenia Hovik Aghazaryan said during today’s session of the National Assembly.

“We immediately sent a signal to the authorities, stating that we, as an opposition force, are ready to make our contribution wherever the military commanders find necessary. We conducted exercises at a military unit for three days, and our detachment headed to the place where it was necessary. We didn’t know which specific sector we were going to be in, but the important thing is that we conveyed the message that the radical opposition force is willing to support the government at a crucial moment for our homeland,” he stated.

Aghazaryan also addressed leader of the opposition ‘Armenia’ faction Seyran Ohanyan, telling him that Ohanyan had personally granted a medal to him and that the detachment had gone wherever Ohanyan had told it to go.

In Aghazaryan’s opinion, the newly elected parliament will show that it is the best and most effective parliament in the modern history of Armenia since there are many experienced politicians and economists among the members of the opposition.