The Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports announced on Friday that a number of performances in ancient theaters have been postponed due to wildfires that have erupted in different parts of the country.

In connection with the extraordinary conditions that have developed due to fires in the country, the Ministry of Culture and Sports announces the postponement of performances within the All Greece - One Culture program to protect the audience, as well as archaeological sites, the agency said in a message.

Speeches are postponed due to a legislative act that prohibits movement, passage or stay in forests, national parks, natural areas and groves throughout the country to avoid fires, and which is valid until Monday, August 9.

Greece has been experiencing an abnormal heat for 10 days. The thermometer in some areas rose to 44-47 degrees.

On Thursday evening, Greek authorities announced an extremely high risk of fires due to hot weather and increased winds, and also banned citizens from visiting forests.