Courts can become mechanisms for influencing political processes in the National Assembly. This was stated by Armenia’s second President Kocharyan at Tuesday’s court session on the criminal case against him and former deputy prime minister Armen Gevorgyan, during the debates on Gevorgyan's absence from courtroom.

Armen Gevorgyan, who has been elected an MP from the opposition "Armenia" bloc led by Kocharyan, is nominated as a candidate for the chairman of a parliamentary standing committee. And taking into account that the candidacies for the chairs of the parliamentary standing committees are being discussed in the National Assembly (NA) now, Gevorgyan's participation in these parliamentary sessions is extremely important.

Kocharyan reminded that the days of the parliamentary sessions are envisaged by law and the Constitution. "It is not decided by anyone. Gevorgyan's absence from the NA session and the court has different statuses. And you did not pay attention to the mentioned issue of voting. The absence of one person can be of great significance. It can become a mechanism for influencing political processes. The court can become such a mechanism. In order not to enter that field, the days of court sessions can be separated from the days of parliamentary sessions. Armen Gevorgyan has not decided when to hold the NA sessions," the second president stated addressing the court.