Pope Francis may retire amid health reasons, Libero newspaper reported.

In Vatican circles, there are more and more speculations about an impending conclave, the newspaper said.

The publication draws attention to the fact that in December the pontiff will turn 85 years old - the same age was his predecessor Benedict XIV when he abdicated the throne.

In July, 84-year-old Francis underwent bowel surgery under general anesthesia. As a source told TASS, his trip to Hungary and Slovakia, scheduled for September 12-15, will depend on the condition of the Pope. So far, this trip has been confirmed.

Francis, despite the fact that part of his lung was removed in his youth after complex pneumonia, is quite healthy. Recently, he only complains of pain in his legs. During the period of Christmas and New Year, the pontiff canceled a number of events due to inflammation of the sciatic nerve. At the end of February 2020, at the time the pandemic began, he had a severe cold.

On August 19, 2014, Francis admitted to reporters that he, like his predecessor, could abdicate the throne for weighty reasons, for example, because of health problems. The head of the Roman Catholic Church believes that 94-year-old Benedict XIV, now the retired Pope, opened the way for honorary popes and will not be the last on this list.

In one of the rare interviews, Bergoglio set aside five years for himself. Francis' pontificate has now been in its ninth year.