YEREVAN. – Zhoghovurd newspaper of the Republic of Armenia (RA) writes. (…) the Azerbaijani side has closed off two important roads in Syunik [Province of Armenia] since yesterday, one of which is an interstate: Armenia-Iran.

And how did the incident start? Yesterday and today, the Baku military have closed off both sections of that road allegedly in response to the stabbing of their soldiers [by Armenians], which the RA MOD denies.

In an interview with Zhoghovurd daily, Russian analyst Modest Kolerov also said that there was information that there was an incident involving Russian and Azerbaijani servicemen. However, there is no official information yet about that and any incident involving Armenians. In any case, the Russian analyst also noted that while the internal situation in Armenia is uneasy, Azerbaijan continues to implement its plans.

Speaking about the fact that the Armenian-Iranian border is at risk, Kolerov noted that the latter [(i.e., Iran)] has welcomed the restoration of Azerbaijan's territorial integrity, and one should not pin hopes on Iran in this regard, at the same time reiterating that Russia is ready to start trilateral talks, and is busy with that now, too.