YEREVAN. – Hraparak daily of the Republic of Armenia (RA) writes: The [opposition] "Armenia" bloc, led by [second President] Robert Kocharyan, will not itself run in the upcoming local elections, there will be candidates whom they will support by a statement, said the bloc MP Gegham Nazaryan yesterday.

However, this conduct is perceived differently, as they believe within the bloc that the right thing is not to be nominated with "Armenia," so as not to drive away the voters who are guided by the acquaintance-friend-neighbor principle, especially in the local elections, whereas the "Armenia" bloc is associated with the number one enemy of the authorities, Robert Kocharyan, and a counter-propaganda of  the hammer would be carried out against them again.

Nazaryan told us that there really will be no nominations with the bloc, they will support this or that candidate, with statements, but did not agree that the problem is the RA second president. He said that during the consultations held in the territorial structures [of this bloc], the members of the structures have suggested not to politicize the local elections during which the "pedigree" ties operate.