President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian today received the delegation led by Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of Slovakia Ivan Korcok, as reported the Staff of the President of Armenia.

“Greeting the high-ranking guest, President Sarkissian particularly said the relations between the two countries and the Armenia-European Union relations have a wonderful history, but there is a need to talk about the future and future programs.

The Minister of Foreign and European Affairs stated that Slovakia wants to work on development of the bilateral relations. Slovakia has a friendly attitude towards Armenia, and both countries have high-level political dialogue, which serves as a good basis for enhancement of the mutually beneficial cooperation. Korcok emphasized the great potential for cooperation in the areas of economy, business relations and trade and economic relations and, from the perspective of rapprochement of the two peoples, attached importance to the expansion of cultural partnership.

The President of Armenia and the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs also exchanged views on the situation and challenges that have emerged in Armenia and the region after the war. They also touched upon the deepening of the Armenia-European Union cooperation and the prospects for development of the cooperation,” the press release reads.