Armenia’s authorities aren’t dealing with the issue of captives, and what frustrates them is the fact that the Ombudsman of Armenia has presented the universal and whole picture of the tortures that Armenia’s citizens are undergoing in prisons in Baku. This is what deputy of the opposition “With Honor” faction of the National Assembly of Armenia Anna Mkrtchyan told reporters today, touching upon the sensational statement that Speaker of the National Assembly Alen Simonyan made.

According to the deputy, the authorities have not only failed to help the Ombudsman prepare the report and shed light on it, but have also gotten frustrated since Armenian society is informed.

“Yes, from this podium, the whole world must hear that citizens of Armenia and Armenian captives are suffering in prisons of Baku, and this can in no way be considered “a positive signal” from Azerbaijan or Turkey which Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan declared earlier,” Mkrtchyan added.