Azerbaijanis call on punishing 47-year-old Member of the Russian State Duma Vitaly Milonov. The MP’s mobile phone number and address of residence have been posted on a page of an Azerbaijani’s Telegram channel, and calls for punishing the Russian politician have been made public.

The creators of the Telegram channel have used swear words and called on persecuting the politician. “Turn his life into hell,” the message reads. Readers of the Telegram channel have started making offensive remarks against Milonov.

According to Readovka Telegram channel, the reason for discontent is the statement that Milonov made in an interview with Armenian portal in which he talked about Nagorno-Karabakh and stated that the old Armenian territories “have been passed over to some savages”. The politician also cited data on how ancient cross-stones (khachkars) and tombstones are being treated in Nagorno-Karabakh now.