I would like to inform all those who are in delirium that "if you love Artsakh [(Nagorno-Karabakh)] so much, you should not have turned it into a desolate area, developed it," that in July 2014 the Russian RBC called Artsakh a "Transcaucasian tiger," taking into account the rapid economic growth of the republic. Energy security expert, member of the board of the opposition One Armenia party Vahe Davtyan wrote this on Facebook.

"According to the results of 2015, the economic growth of Artsakh made 9.1%, in 2016—9.2%. At that, in 2007 this indicator made 8.8%, registering a sharp increase in 2008—reaching 14.3%.

In general, the economic growth of Artsakh averaged 10.5% since 2000, and in 2019—10.3% (the GDP—$713 million), which was one of the best indicators among the unrecognized states. Not to mention the numerous infrastructure projects, as well as the exemplary dynamics of Artsakh's institutional development.

The desolation of Artsakh and its amputation from the Armenian world began with the marked anti-Artsakh movement of 2018, which to this day some inadequately educated call a 'revolution,'" Davtyan added.