US President Joe Biden invited Chinese President Xi Jinping to hold a personal meeting, but this proposal was not accepted, Financial Times reported, citing sources familiar with the course of the phone talks between the two politicians on September 9.

The conversation, organized on the American initiative, lasted an hour and a half. This was only the second conversation between the leaders of the United States and China during Biden's tenure. The first took place seven months ago, on February 10.

As stated in the article, Biden proposed a similar summit with the aim of breaking the deadlock in relations between Washington and Beijing. However, sources for the publication said that instead, Xi Jinping insisted that the United States adhere to less aggressive rhetoric towards the PRC.

Another source of the newspaper said that the summit was mentioned by Biden as one of the possibilities for further interaction with the Chinese president and that the White House did not initially expect an immediate response.

The sources of the Financial Times do not come to any single conclusion about what may be dictated by Beijing's unwillingness to organize such a summit. At the same time, the health risks associated with the coronavirus are mentioned.

Thus, it is indicated that Xi Jinping has not left China since January 2020. Then, even before the start of the pandemic, he visited Myanmar.