The [border] demarcation process takes place only when the countries do not have any problems with each other. Hayk Mamijanyan, a lawmaker from the opposition "With Honor" Faction, noted this Friday during the traditional briefings in the National Assembly of Armenia—and answering reporters' questions.

The opposition MP was asked, in particular, that if the Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is guided by the maps of the ex-Soviet Union for border demarcation, then why a bill is not tabled to the Armenian parliament for debates, and which would prepare legal and historical grounds for ensuring proper demarcation and which would take into account historical justice.

"It will be very painful and insulting for me if there are people in Armenia’s parliament who will consider that Armenia has no problem with Azerbaijan," Mamijanyan responded.

Moreover, he noted that there are many ex-Soviet maps, but not all of them are in the interests of the Armenian side.

The Armenian opposition lawmaker added that this matter cannot be viewed within the format of a law initiative.