Nobody will succeed in eliminating the flag and coat-of-arms of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh). This is what Speaker of the National Assembly of Armenia Alen Simonyan told reporters, touching upon the incident that took place on the Goris-Kapan road.

“This is in vain since it’s aimed more at making people frustrated and playing with their emotions, but it won’t work out,” he said, adding that he has no information about whether negotiations over the Goris-Kapan road are in progress or not.

On September 17, Azerbaijanis stopped an Armenian bus driver transporting children of Artsakh on the Goris-Kapan road. They tore the picture of the flag of Artsakh posted on the bus and told the children the following: “Nagorno-Karabakh is Azerbaijan, understood?”

After setting up a police checkpoint in the Vorotan section of the Goris-Kapan road, Azerbaijanis are stopping Iranian truck drivers and letting them go only after inspecting them and charging fees. Three days ago, they detained two Iranian drivers, and yesterday they stopped a driver transporting bread to soldiers. The driver continued the road with the accompaniment of Armenian and Russian border guards.