Armenia is expected to undergo the process of Turkification. This is what Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Armenia, member of the opposition “Armenia” faction Ishkhan Saghatelyan told reporters today.

“We have serious concern, and we also condemn the flirting between Nikol Pashinyan and Erdogan that began these past few days. It’s not by chance that yesterday Erdogan said Turkey is receiving positive signals from Armenia. It’s clear to see that there are confidential ties and talks between Armenia and Turkey, and this isn’t in Armenia’s interests.

Those who justify and say Armenia needs to hold talks with Turkey, it’s very clear that Turkey has set forth three conditions (renunciation of Artsakh, renunciation of international recognition of the Armenian Genocide and recognition of Turkey’s territorial integrity), including the fourth one (corridor through Syunik Province). I want to ask the Armenian authorities which of these conditions they are ready to meet,” he said.

When told that the authorities claim that there won’t be a corridor, Saghatelyan said he doesn’t believe in the authorities since they have done the opposite of what they have said.