The court of general jurisdiction of Yerevan on Saturday ended its special session on the motion to release Dr. Armen Charchyan—the imprisoned MP of the opposition "Armenia" Faction in the National Assembly and former director of Izmirlian Medical Center of Yerevan—on bail.

The court left for the deliberation room to render a verdict, which is expected to be announced at 6pm.

Charchyan's attorneys have motioned that he be released on a 20-million dram (approx. US$40,750) bail.

On August 23, the Criminal Court of Appeal had granted the prosecution’s appeal against the lower court’s decision to release Armen Charchyan on bail. After this appellate court, Armen Charchyan had gone to a Yerevan penitentiary on his own initiative, and was arrested there. But On August 30, it became known that Charchyan's health condition had deteriorated and he was taken to Yerevan civic hospital.

Charchyan had suffered an acute heart attack on August 24, has severe diabetes, and is taking 92 units of insulin which is incompatible with his being in custody—and this incompatibility is confirmed by a government decision, too.

Armen Charchyan is charged with electoral fraud.