The army and volunteer soldiers fought for every centimeter [of land]. This is what President of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) Arayik Harutyunyan said during a meeting with youth today, as reported Public Television of Artsakh.

“Azerbaijan wasn’t the only one that was actually waging a war against Artsakh. According to confirmed reports, there were 7,000 terrorist mercenaries alone. There was a huge difference since Azerbaijan was supported by Turkey, Pakistan and Israel and dozens of planes loaded with modern armament would land at airports in Azerbaijan on a daily basis. As for us, we were alone,” Harutyunyan said, adding that the format and logic of the resolution of the conflict has remained the same, regardless of the change of situation.

“The process of negotiations continues, and there is no change in the agenda, that is, the right to self-determination remains as a baseline course, and our struggle for this will continue. We will continue the negotiations and peaceful struggle for territorial integrity, and this may last decades. In these conditions, it is necessary to maintain the demographic image of Artsakh, that is, the aim of housing is to provide displaced Armenians of Artsakh with homes,” he stated.