There has not been and there is no bias against Armenian drivers at the Upper Lars checkpoint. This is what Armenia’s Customs Attaché at Upper Lars checkpoint Aram Tananyan said during a conversation with Armenian

“There haven’t been procedures for any driver on ethnic or other grounds. I have heard that people gather not far from Tbilisi, keep Armenian drivers and let the others pass, but I can’t assess this information. I can only say there is a large flow of cars from Turkey. We need to wait a little,” he said.

On October 4, Armenian driver Taron Margaryan told Armenian that nearly 200 Armenian truck drivers have been on the road leading to Lars for nearly ten days. “They’re not letting us pass. The only explanation is that the road is closed for Armenians. Georgian and Azerbaijani truck drivers pass right in front of our eyes, but we’re not allowed to pass. This is a premeditated step to blockade Armenia,” he said.

The Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure of Armenia says this is due to the construction works of the Russian side.