In a speech before graduates of the military academy, Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatollah Khamenei declared that the country will give a coarse response in case of the presence of foreign forces in the region, IRNA reports.

“The countries of the region must not allow the armies of foreign countries be present or interfere in their affairs. Relying on their security is an illusion. Those who have that illusion will receive a slap soon since the direct or indirect intervention of other countries will lead to a disaster,” Khamenei said.

Head of the Border Service of Iran, General Ahmad Ali Gudarzi declared that the Israelis are located along the length of the borders with Azerbaijan, but there is no exact number, Mehr reports.

“The Israelis know that Iran’s restraining force is such that they don’t have operative force on our borders. They can only incite the countries of the region to change their borders, prohibit the entry of trucks and increase the fees charged for entry,” the Iranian army general said, adding that out of all the countries of the region, the Israelis are more active in Azerbaijan.