YEREVAN. – Zhoghovurd newspaper of the Republic of Armenia (RA) writes: October 8 marks a month since Aghvan Hovsepyan, former RA Prosecutor General, former Chairman of the Investigative Committee, was arrested by the Special Investigation Service [(SIS)] and is in the “Kentron” Penitentiary, or the well-known “KGB basement” in Yerevan.

And how did the [respective] events unroll? Zhoghovurd daily has learned noteworthy details about the circumstances under which Aghvan Hovsepyan's close friends decided to come out against him, and what noteworthy document there is at the Special Investigation Service.

According to our SIS sources, the business relations between Aghvan Hovsepyan's son Misak Hovsepyan and Arshavir Sargsyan became tense after Aghvan Hovsepyan bid farewell to the post of Prosecutor General in 2013; that is, there is no position, there is no company.

According to our law enforcement sources, Arshavir Sargsyan and Aghvan Hovsepyan's son had a joint business in the field of HPPs and operated the Surb Aghbyur and Vardahovit LLCs. In 2013, the company failed to meet its bank obligations, and other creditors appeared, too. Aghvan Hovsepyan and his son, learning that the company has unfulfilled bank obligations, try to contact him, but in vain.

Having no other choice later, Arshavir Sargsyan tells Aghvan Hovsepyan's son that there is a loan obligation of about 4.1 million [US] dollars, and, according to the theory investigated by the law enforcement, as a result of internal turmoil, Aghvan Hovsepyan's son takes on the 4.1-million [dollar] loan obligation not fulfilled by Arshavir Sargsyan. In the presence of the bank's representative, a corresponding agreement was signed between Arshavir Sargsyan and Aghvan Hovsepyan's son, which is attached to the criminal case under investigation by the SIS, where it is noted what the parties must do to reach a settlement.

Perhaps the SIS should summon for questioning the bank manager, who can provide important evidence in the criminal case.