YEREVAN. – Zhoghovurd daily of Armenia writes. The ongoing LSG [i.e., local self-government] elections in Armenia are generally being held "unnoticed" and in conditions of less interest.

By comparison, Gyumri, as the second [largest] city [in Armenia], and the Syunik [Province] communities draw attention, as criminal cases have been filed against the heads of large communities there, and some of them have been imprisoned.

For example, the head of Goris [urban] community, Arush Arushanyan, who is also a candidate for the head of the community, is in prison, and according to rumors circulating in Goris, even if he is able to be miraculously re-elected, it does not mean that he will be released [from prison] and will be able to lead the community.

An impression is formed in general that people are tired of talking about the domestic political life and want real change (…).

The situation is virtually the same also in other communities of Syunik (…).