The Ministry of Justice of Armenia tried to explain why it is impossible to make the rule for dismissal of an employee in case of absence of a COVID-19 vaccination certificate or negative result of a PCR test apply to certain officials.

The following is the comment of the Ministry of Justice:

“The reason is the following: For instance, the deputies of the National Assembly are elected by the people, the President of Armenia, the Human Rights Defender, members of independent bodies, etc. are elected by the National Assembly. In its turn, for instance, the powers of judges are terminated on the limited grounds provided for by the Constitution, the Prime Minister, who is appointed as a result of constitutional procedures, in essence doesn’t have a superior body that can dismiss the Prime Minister or appoint the latter to that position, etc.

Therefore, even if there is a desire, it will be impossible to make this rule apply to the aforementioned persons, that is, relieve them of their posts on that ground.”