War and defeat should be the shock that will stimulate the formation of a new elite, said expert Vahe Hovhannisyan.

“Several months ago, an article by the director K. Bogomolov was actively discussed in Russian intellectual circles, in which he calls the system of values ​​of modern Europe an 'ethical Reich'.

According to ambiguous assessments, the article attempts to give the Russian elite the motivation to navigate between the sovereign path and the modern European 'Reich'. The value of the material is that it invites the thinking strata of society to think about how to prevent developmental anomalies," he said.

In Armenia, Armenian PM Nikol Pashin7an, 'forcing officials to hang his portrait in their offices, is developing the model of the “Eastern Reich,” a rich basis for which already exists,' he added.

"The authorities, which came on the wave of denial of the portrait of another politician, today, with the modesty of an eastern harem, are posting a photo of their leader,

Officials are adopting oriental manners, despite the fact that they studied in Western universities. Western-funded civil society digests everything with Eastern obedience.'

'Every time at a government meeting, the Minister of Health pronounces “Dear Mr. Prime Minister” with such pride that you involuntarily think: maybe the country has really achieved tremendous success, but you don’t know? Maybe 90% of the population is already vaccinated and the hospitals are empty?

'Here we are dealing with a multi-layered anomaly. Ministers can address differently - sublime, divine, etc. And the problem is not that the addressee does not stop it, but that society does not refute it, and there is not a single institution that would say that all this is simple shameful.'

'According to the rules of the "Eastern Reich", the system must bow down. In North Korea, you should always have in your pocket a photograph of the leader, his father, and grandfather. If one day Nichol obliges everyone to keep a photo of, say, Marlene Dietrich with them, then the system will certainly obey.'

'If Nikol forces ministers and other officials to quote passages from his book, following the example of the Rukhnama, the system will do so. And everyone will give some explanation: one will say that this way I will become more honest, the other - this is how I educate myself, the third - will curse in his mind, but he will still do it.'

'The rule of the genre: if tomorrow something changes, these people will consider Nikol the only guilty and responsible. They will be a hundred times more anti-Nicholas than those who say that it is impossible to have a more or less serious state with Eastern manners of servility and flattery. Accidental faces of tragic times.'

'With such oriental morals and semi-statehood, we could not keep Shushi. With this kind of thinking and inner worldview, we will not be able to keep Armenia.

It is necessary to form a new social and political trend in Armenia, which will erase Eastern feudalism and begin to enlighten. We can be called the fourth republic, post-war Armenia, it doesn't matter, but we just need a radical change in quality.'

'War and defeat should be the shock that will stimulate the formation of a new elite. If we do not do this, then we will lose the state, because a society of this quality will be able to serve only Turkish cultural and economic expansion, and with great love.'