Russia, the United States and Israel agreed to hold a meeting of the heads of the Security Councils, where they will discuss Syria and the situation around Iran, an understanding of the date and place may appear after negotiations between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett in Sochi on October 22, Israeli Ambassador to Russia Alexander Ben Zvi told RIA Novosti.

“So far there is only an idea, neither a date nor a place has been set yet. For our part, we are ready to host delegations, but this has not yet been decided, ”the ambassador said, answering the relevant question.

“I hope that our prime minister will come now and will finally be able to make up his mind. At this stage, there is only an agreement and understanding that this (meeting) will take place, but when exactly - this has not yet been agreed. Among the topics are Syria, Iran, and other issues of the Middle East region,”the ambassador said.