Netflix Asia is considering developing a video game based on the new Squid Game. The show became an instant hit on the popular streaming service after its release and has already surpassed The Witcher with 76 million views, PCgamer reported.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix will explore all expansion options for the franchise, including fan merchandise and video games. So far, the producers of the series are only discussing the second season, and have not said anything specific about the potential video game.

The Korean show showcases an unusual deadly competition. According to the plot of the series, people facing financial difficulties go to the island and participate in children's survival games.

Battle royale video games quickly gained popularity a few years ago with the introduction of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was another hit in a more flamboyant style. As in the case of the Squid Game, there is only one winner in the elimination battles.