The court hearing on the criminal case against second President Robert Kocharyan and former deputy prime minister Armen Gevorgyan—who is now an MP of the opposition “Armenia” Faction in the National Assembly—has resumed Tuesday in Yerevan.

At the previous session, Gevorgyan's new lawyer Lusine Sahakyan had left the courtroom as a sign of protest against the presiding judge's actions. When Judge Anna Danibekyan denied both of her motions, Sahakyan once again stated that she had received only a few documents from the many files of this criminal case.

The lawyer was given just a few days to get familiarized with the 128 volumes.

In fact, Judge Danibekyan deprives Sahakyan of the opportunity to fully get acquainted with the case materials.

Moreover, according to the judge, since the lawyer never received them by mail, she can get familiarized with the case files while in court.

And as a sign of protest, the lawyer left the courtroom, announcing that she was leaving unless the court provided her with all the case documents.

Earlier, Armen Gevorgyan's now former lawyer Erik Aleksanyan had withdrawn from this trial due to Judge Anna Danibekyan's subjective attitude.

Gevorgyan also had accused the court of bias.