I cannot assert that there will be no increase in [natural] gas and electricity tariffs in 2022. Garegin Baghramyan Chairman of the Public Services Regulatory Commission (PSRC), told this to reporters Wednesday.

He noted that comprehensive negotiations are being held now, and they include the price of natural gas at the country’s border, the Hrazdan-5 thermal power plant, and the natural gas supply system.

"Negotiations on the price of [natural] gas can have a certain impact on [the] electricity [tariff]. The discussions are not over yet. They will end when an intergovernmental agreement is signed. If the price of [natural] gas at the border [of Armenia] is the same as it is now [i.e., $165 per 1,000 cubic meters], there will be no increase in tariffs. In any case, reviews on the energy system [of Armenia] are conducted every year, regardless of whether it will reflect on the [country’s] consumer or not," said the PSRC chief.

Baghramyan informed that the Armenian nuclear power plant was reconnected to the country's energy grid later than planned, and this caused damage to the Electric Networks of Armenia company.

"However, many positive factors, which compensate for those losses, were recorded in the summer," he added.